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Meet the Credit Card
That Does It All.


Balance Transfer
Move your balance and get a better rate, you deserve it.


Low APR*
Giving you more financial freedom.


Cash Bonus
Get MORE rewards by spending over $1,000 by January 31, 2021.


Cash Rewards
Get CASH back every time you use your card.

Options Are Rewarding

Check out the Civic Rewards Credit Card. It’s the credit card that doesn’t make you choose! Get the best options for balance transfers and rewards for every time you spend. This card gives you the tools to handle whatever life throws at you.


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Terms and Conditions


Providing helpful products and services is what we do. The Civic Rewards Credit Card is designed to put you in control of your finances. So, we’ve removed the fees to make sure more of your money stays in your pocket.

No annual fees
No balance transfer fees
No cash advance fees
No application fees


Transfer that Balance

Already have a credit card? Maybe it could use an update. You could even consolidate other small personal loans. The Civic Rewards Credit Card is great for balance transfers and other debt consolidation. That’s right – you can use this credit card to transfer multiple types of debt. For any balance you move to your new card, you’ll pay no balance transfer fee.


lady smiling at card
civic rewards


Simple Anytime Rewards

There are so many places you’ll use your Civic Rewards Card, and we’ll reward you at all of them! Anytime you use your card, you earn rewards. What kind of rewards? CASH! We’re offering 5% cashback on all your purchases during the holidays. And, when you want to claim your cash rewards, you can redeem any amount anytime by logging into your Civic account.

Bonus: Spend $1,000 by January 31, 2021, and get an additional $150.


Civic Rewards Credit Card Details


* Subject to approval. Rates and credit limit are evaluated based on member’s credit history; rates are subject to change. Credit card may be secured with Civic Savings Account funds.

† Additional fees may apply. Interest on balance transfers and cash advances will begin to accrue on day the transaction occurs.

Civic Beats The Competition

Rates as low as 9.50%
5% cash back on purchases during the holidays 
Complete debt consolidation option
$150 cash bonus
Redeem rewards in any amount anytime
No annual fees
No cash advance fees
No balance transfer fees
No application fees


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Here's a few frequently asked questions:

How long does it take to get approved? + -
We work fast. The online application will take less than five minutes. You will have an answer within one business day.
What if my credit score is low? + -
You can still apply. Our team will look for ways we can help you.
What if I have never had a credit card? + -
Go ahead and apply. We may ask for a co-signer if needed.
What are my credit limit options? + -
Consider how you will use your card. If you want to perform balance transfers, replace another card or make large purchases, ensure the credit limit you request covers these amounts. And, don’t worry if you qualify for more; we'll let you know.
Do I have to be a member of Civic to apply? + -
Yes. Your membership will be established during the account opening process.
How do balance transfers work? + -
Once you get the card, you can request the transfer through the Civic mobile app or our website.
Are there really no fees? + -
While we waive a lot of fees, there is still a late payment fee.
Are there limits to the rewards I can earn? + -
This card provides unlimited rewards, which you can redeem anytime and in any amount. For full details, check out the terms and conditions.
Where do I receive my rewards? + -
You can apply your rewards to either Civic deposit account (checking or savings).
How do I get started? + -
Click apply, and you’re on your way!

Civic Rewards Credit Card Details

* Subject to approval. Rates and credit limit are evaluated based on member’s credit history; rates are subject to change. Credit card may be secured with Civic Savings Account funds.

† 5% cashback bonus rewards offer applies to Civic consumer rewards credit cards only. 5% rewards available for card purchases less returns. Card purchases must be made by January 31, 2021 to qualify. Existing Civic Rewards credit card holders will qualify for cashback rewards for card purchases. In addition to the 5% cashback bonus rewards on card purchases, a $150 bonus reward will be given if the cardholder accumulates more than $1000 in card purchases during the stated promotional period. When card purchases are deemed qualified, the $150 bonus reward will appear on the monthly statement 30 days following the end of the promotion period and will be displayed as bonus credit earned. Card holders will be disqualified from earning 5% bonus rewards and the $150 bonus if account is more than 29 days past due. Return purchases, balance transfers, cash advances, fraudulent or disputed charges and fees of any kind do not count towards the 5% reward bonus.

After January 31, 2021, rewards percentage will revert to 1% cashback rewards. The $150 bonus reward is only applicable during the stated promotional period.