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Your Money.
Your Way.

Manage your money the way you want, with the convenience and ease you’d expect from North Carolina’s premier digital-first credit union.


Everything we do starts and ends with you. That’s why we’ve designed simple money management solutions that flex with your needs.

Bank with Civic whenever and wherever you choose — online or mobile. Deposit checks, transfer funds, withdraw cash, pay bills — live your life. We’ll keep pace with you.

  • Download app
  • Nationwide ATM access – surcharge-free*
  • Digital Wallet
  • Electronic funds transfers
  • Direct deposit
  • Connect to outside accounts
  • Person-to-person payments



* Fees applicable to any ATM network in the United States will be charged to member account and then refunded to the same account by Civic within two business days. Rebated funds will be available for use following the credit union’s nightly batch processing.

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Use Your Digital Wallet

Want a convenient, easy and secure way to pay?

Choose the Digital Wallet on your Apple,® Android,™ or Samsung® device. Simply link your Civic Debit or Credit Card to your device’s Wallet app to use Apple Pay,® Google Pay,™ or Samsung Pay.™

To set up your Digital Wallet, make sure you have access to your Civic Credit or Debit Card. Then simply open the Wallet app on your device and follow the on-screen prompts.

When using your Digital Wallet to make purchases for the first time, look for the "contactless" symbol at your merchant of choice. Once you're ready to pay, wave your device in front of the "contactless" terminal to complete the transaction. (If your device requires that you unlock it, do so before paying.) It's that easy!


Civic helps you set budgets, create savings goals, schedule automatic contributions and more. Because life’s not just about spending or saving your money — it’s about living your money.

So go ahead – set your sights on a simple objective or devise a plan and dream big. Either way, Civic is on your side.

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