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Rewards Credit Card

The Civic Rewards Credit Card

For People Who Simply
Deserve Better

Better that includes:

Rates as low as 9.50% APR*
1% cash back on purchases
No annual or balance transfer fees
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If you don't like fees, you'll love this card.

  • No Cash Advance Fees: Get cash when and how you need it.
  • No Balance Transfer Fees: Have a different credit card? Easily transfer that balance to your new Civic Rewards Credit Card. 
  • No Annual Fees: We reward you every time you choose your Civic Rewards Credit Card.

Rewards don't get better than this - cash!

Use your card, earn cash and spend it. Every time you use your Civic Rewards Credit Card, you earn cash. Better, right? That's additional cash to help pay bills, get gas or buy groceries. Just log into the Civic app anytime to redeem your rewards.

Now, that's a rewards credit card ready to work for you.

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Here are a few frequently asked questions:

How long does it take to get approved? + -
We work fast. The online application will take less than ten minutes. You will have an answer within one business day.
What are my credit limit options? + -
Consider how you will use your card. If you want to perform balance transfers, replace another card or make large purchases ensure the credit limit you request covers these amounts. And, don’t worry if you qualify for more; we'll definitely let you know.
What if I have bad credit? + -
You can still apply. Our team will look for ways we can help you.
How do I get started? + -
Click apply and you’re on your way!

Your Civic Rewards Credit Card Is Just The Beginning.

Better is how we serve you. Civic is tailoring products that help you get where you want to go. Joining means you get access to more services designed for people just like you.

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Civic Rewards Credit Card Details


* Subject to approval. Rates and credit limit are evaluated based on member’s credit history; rates are subject to change. Credit card may be secured with Civic Savings Account funds.

† Additional fees may apply. Interest on balance transfers and cash advances will begin to accrue on day the transaction occurs.